George Jerome received his BSEE from UCLA in 1966. He went to work for several aerospace firms such as Lockheed and Litton during the Vietnam War, and then struck out on his own by 1969. During his “aerospace” days, he was involved in the development of a very high altitude altimeter for the U.S. Navy, team leader on a fly-by-wire control system for the F-4 aircraft, and development of the truck [landing gear] system for the in-development Boeing 747 commercial aircraft.

George completed his work on the 747 landing gear as an independent contractor, and then went on to provide design and development services for several clients. In 1971 he founded King Manufacturing Company as a producer of magnetic electronic components. He built that company into a substantial organization which he sold in 1985. By then, competition from Chicago companies, as well as the Orient were forcing profit margins into low single digits.

As a consultant, George assisted numerous companies with projects ranging from designing one of the very early digital gas pumps, to solving the rate problem for a completely stand-alone pay telephone [remember the pre-cell phone days?], to developing many microprocessor based computer controlled systems.

Along the way, George came to understand that design engineering cannot be done in a vacuum. Engineering had to be integrated into the economics of a product, as well as the marketing. More times than can be counted, he came across instances where a product was designed and manufactured with an obvious lack of understanding of the economics of not only the manufacturing, but the economics of customer acquisition and satisfaction.

Mr. Jerome became a professional inventor when he sold certain rights to his first patent in 1981. He has gone on to obtain 5 patents in his own name, 5 of which he wrote, filed and prosecuted successfully himself. He has assisted others in planning, laying out, and writing numerous other patent applications. Currently, he has 3 additional applications on file with the United States Patent Office.

Mr. Jerome is a licensed pilot, owning and flying a multi-engine aircraft with all of the appropriate ratings for weather flying. He is an avid student of early American history, with an extensive collection of rare documents relating to the Revolutionary period and the Declaration of Independence.